daveDave Brubaker

I have been coaching for over 35 years! In my youth I was involved in a variety of sports both traditional (hockey, volleyball)
and unusual (motocross, rock climbing). I have always been intrigued by the technical and scientific aspects of training  and coaching.

After graduating from post secondary education, I moved to Sarnia with Elizabeth, my beautiful wife and coaching partner. Since we were hired in 1985 we have been involved with a great team that has since experienced excellent outcomes and significant growth in the sport of gymnastics in Sarnia and in Canada.

Over the years we have also grown as a family, having raised our two boys here and truly love the community! We really enjoy seeing our young coaches and CITs enjoying the coaching aspect of the sport. Many of them started out like we did when we were 14 years old.

We look forward to many more great achievements here at Bluewater Gymnastics.

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