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We are so excited to be offering two camps for PD Days this year! We are hoping our new format will allow more kids to enjoy our camps and lower our wait list numbers!

Our new age groups for camp are 4-7, and 7+! If your child is 7, you have the option to choose either camp, keeping in mind the outings and activities will be slightly different, catering to each age group’s maturity level and abilities. Both camps will enjoy gymnastics, games in the gym and outside, crafts, and outings!

See our list of camp dates and outings below and register now, before we fill up!

Let the fun begin!

PD Camp Dates 2018/2019

Sept 28 / 2018 Oct 26 / 2018 Nov 23 / 2018 
Feb 1 / 2019  April 5 / 2019  June 28 / 2019 
  June 7 / 2019   


PD Day Camp Registration

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