taylorTaylor Dubs

General Manager & Competitive Coach

Taylor began her involvement with Bluewater Gymnastics Club at the age of 8 in the recreational program advancing into the competitive program after a year and Taylor was in the competitive program for 8 years. Taylor competed at the provincial level and finished her athletic career as a National Open level gymnast.

Taylor began coaching in high school when she was 15 years old and then attended The Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Taylor has played an integral role within the organization for administration, customer service and overall support to parents, volunteers and members. Taylor enjoys the children and youth of Bluewater Gymnastics Club, her expertise on the programs and understanding the day to day operations is most valuable.

After graduating in 2015 Taylor returned to Bluewater Gymnastics Club to coach in the Invitational Program as well as work in the office as the Office and Finance Manager. Taylor has a passion for the sport and business and is looking forward to returning after her maternity leave

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    Taylor Dubs

    General Manager & Competitive Coach

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