Board Of Directors

  • Curt Bladon

    Curt Bladon

    President and Board Member

    Amy, Curt’s daughter is an athlete in the Invitational Program…

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  • Rob Dawson

    Rob Dawson

    Treasurer and Board Member

    Addison, Rob’s daughter is an athlete in the Junior Olympic Invitational Program…

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  • Stefanie Turnbull

    Stefanie Turnbull

    Board of Directors Secretary

    Stefanie’s daughter, Jaycie Turnbull is a gymnast in the Invitational Program.…

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  • Meaghan Lyon

    Meaghan Lyon

    Board of Directors

    Meaghan’s daughter, McKenna Lyon, is a gymnast in the Invitational Program. McKenna began her love of…

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  • David Orr

    David Orr

    Board of Directors

    Samantha, David’s daughter is in her first year of the Invitational Competitive Program…

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  • Rob Janoska.

    Rob Janoska.

    Board of Directors

    Rob Janoska is a proud father of 2 talented girls in the invitational and Advanced Kinder Gym

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