rob dawsonRob K. Dawson

Treasurer and Executive Board Member

Addison, Rob’s daughter is an athlete in the Junior Olympic Invitational Program. The family has a monthly parent contribution of hours for Bingo at Sarnia’s Jackpot City well as gym cleaning, special event volunteering, and fundraising. Rob’s role as Treasurer and a leadership member of the Executive Board is to ensure the financial and long term fiscal responsibility of the organization. Rob has led sponsorship initiatives for the Bluewater Gymnastics Club especially focused around the major golf fundraiser.

A dynamic entrepreneur, Rob holds interest in commercial real estate, software and technology and was the Founder/CEO of Innivity Marketing Group, which he successfully ran for 10 years until his exit in 2013. Rob is actively involved in the Detroit chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), a global network of entrepreneurs in over 40 countries. Rob holds a “Masters of Science in Sports Administration” degree from Canisius College (Buffalo, NY) and a “Bachelors of Sport Management” from Brock University (St. Catharines, ON).

Philanthropically minded, Rob serves as Board President at The Chris Dawson Foundation and Board Director at the Lambton College Foundation in Sarnia, Ontario. Rob has spent a majority of his career providing marketing and business support to national not-for-profit organizations.


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  • Rob Dawson

    Rob Dawson

    Treasurer and Executive Board Member

    Addison, Rob’s daughter is an athlete in the Junior Olympic Invitational Program…

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  • Sylvia Wai

    Sylvia Wai

    Board of Directors Secretary & Executive Member

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