melissaMelissa Bennett

Office & Program Manager

Melissa Bennett is the Office and Program Manager at Bluewater Gymnastics. She handles all of the marketing and all program planning for all Recreation Programs/Events, as well as JO and INV admin support.

Melissa grew up with an athletic background, having participated in gymnastics at Bluewater Gymnastics at a very young age. She further developed her athleticism with numerous different sports before landing a position as a member of the Varsity Volleyball team at the University of Guelph. There is no doubt her passion for sports and athletics has translated well into a professional manner creating compassion within her position here at Bluewater.

Melissa has over 6 years of experience with marketing, social media development and not-for-profit foundations. She has over 4 years working with multiple charitable foundations. Aside from her passion for sports, Melissa thrives on community involvement and charity work, having over 1000 volunteer hours in High School and over 100 hours in her last year of university. Melissa worked as the Vice President of Charity and the Director of Events for an organization at the University of Guelph. While at Guelph, Melissa studied to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and a certificate in Leadership Management, while focusing the rest of her courses on finance and accounting. Melissa has managerial and digital marketing experience and brings a fresh outlook to our programs, events and services. Melissa is an extremely outgoing individual with a passion to learn!

Melissa leads the communications content across the organization internally and also within the community, championing and sharing all we do at Bluewater Gymnastics Club. Melissa offers leadership to the committee development and leads the recruiting of volunteers and encourages participation and engagement- she creates a fun and rewarding volunteerism experience.

Melissa recruit’s office volunteers from within the Sarnia-Lambton community.

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