Recreational Gymnastic Programs

The Recreational Program focus is on three principles Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. We take pride in offering children the opportunity to develop a positive attitude and enthusiasm for gymnastics and help them realize the rewards of physical activity. Children learn to work within small groups and master individual skills independently.

Most classes operate at an athlete to coach ratio of 8:1. Our goal is to foster a positive learning experience in a state of the art facility with outstanding coaching leadership as they continue their gymnastic career. Written, records of accomplishment and awards are given at the end of each session. In addition to monitoring your child’s progress through the Cangym system, we also invite all parents into the gym to join the last class of each session (Parents Week).

Bluewater Gymnastics offers a wide array of quality programming at the recreational level. Most Recreational classes are offered over 4 – 10 week sessions during the school year and are available in a day Camp format each summer, and March Break.


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Class Schedule

  Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.
Boys Rec.

(6-10 yrs)

6-7:30 PM     6-7:30 PM  
Girls Rec.

(6-8 yrs)

6-7:30 PM 6-7:30 PM   6-7:30 PM 12-1:30 PM 

1:30-3 PM

Girls Rec.

(9-15 yrs)

7:30-9 PM     7:30-9 PM 12-1:30 PM

(boys & girls 6+)

7:30-8:30 PM 7:30-8:30 PM   7:30-8:30 PM  
Advanced KG     5-7 PM   1:30-3:30 PM
Jr Adv.     6-8 PM   1:30-3:30 PM
Sr Adv.     6-9 PM   1:30-4:30 PM


These programs are designed for children age 6-15 years old. Children progress through the Canadian Gymnastics (CanGym) program. There are 12 levels in the system.

Girls Rec 6-8 yrs

Girls Rec 9-15 yrs

Junior Adv. 6-9 yrs - 2 hrs

This program emphasizes form and technique, physical preparation, and progressive skill development. Gymnasts will learn routines on all events to perform at our In-House Showcase Event during session 4. Recommendation by Recreation Director required.

Senior Adv. 3 hrs

This program is designed for the more advanced gymnasts. Gymnasts must at a minimum working on Turquoise Level or equivalency in skills. Gymnasts will learn routines on all events to perform at our In-House Showcase Event during session 4. Recommendation by Recreation Director required.

Boys Rec 6-10 yrs – 1.5 hrs

This program is designed for boys aged 6-10.

Tumble and Trampoline

Children six years and older who love to bounce will jump at the chance to take trampoline. Our introductory trampoline classes emphasize the safe and progressive development of non-inverted (no flips) skills as prescribed by Canada’s Level 1 Trampoline Program.

Class time is focused exclusively on just Tumbling and Trampoline, offering a unique opportunity to develop and perfect skills more quickly. This class also provides specific body conditioning during class time to maximize potential to learn new skills (better and faster). Tumble and Trampoline classes use both Bluewater’s in ground trampoline and the huge 60 foot long “Tumbltrak”. The Tumbltrak is designed to teach tumbling skills and can also be subdivided into as many as 6 mini-trampolines of 10 foot length. Thus, each student gets a high percentage of class time practicing their skills on the apparatus.

Individuals who have successfully completed Level 1 may be interested in moving into the advanced trampoline class where basic flips are taught on the trampoline. Ask your coach for more information.

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